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[HAUNTED MANSION] is a writing mix about fear and the creatures that lurk in the halls of an abandoned mansion! You have made a terrible mistake, mortal. You freely entered her domain— and you’re never going to leave!

This playlist contains 18 of my favorite tracks for writing horror, terror, and supernatural suspense! What brought you here, foolish mortal? Why did you trespass into the domain of our mistress? You explore the halls of her mansion, you attempt to loot from her riches, but— in time you will join our ranks. No one who enters her domain ever leaves. Go ahead, try to open the door and the windows… they are all locked, aren’t they? Go ahead, try to ease that feeling of dread all around you. You hear that? Her music box is playing… and when that tune is over, the halls will flood with blood. She is coming for you, and she will feed upon your flesh. Oh, mortal, if you only knew what you’ve gotten into.

Death is only the beginning of your punishment.

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